Sunday School

Sunday School For all Ages

At Valley Alliance, our Sunday school is a place to learn about God in a safe nurturing environment.

Time 9:30 AM - 10:15 AM Sunday morning

All are welcome, if you come in at 9:20-9:30 someone will direct you and your kids where to go.


Nursery: Ages 0-4

Young Kids: Ages 4 to Grade 2 (Teacher - Kari Verhoog)

Older Kids: Grade 3 to 6 (Teacher - Matthew Verhoog)

Students: Grade 7 to 12 (Teacher - Andrew Wilk)

Adults (Teacher - Martin Stregger)


Fall 2022 Curriculum – The Gospel project

From Rebellion to Exile


That the Lord is faithful to His promises should be comforting but simultaneously concerning, depending on one’s own faith and faithfulness or the lack thereof. In 1 Kings to 2 Chronicles, the Israelites experienced firsthand the promise of God’s discipline and judgment for rebellion—ultimately exile—but not without His mercy and patience to call His people back to Himself through His prophets. Groups will be reminded here that God does not tolerate sin, but He also responds to repentance with forgiveness and grace.