2 Corinthians 6:14-7:1 “Separate!”

7 Commands 1)Do not be unevenly yoked to unbelievers 2) Come out from the midst of them 3) Be set apart. 4) Touch nothing unclean 5) Cleanse yourselves from every defilement of the flesh 6) Cleanse yourselves from every defilement of the spirit. 7) Complete holiness in the fear of God.

7 Promises 4 – foundational or unconditional promises 1) God will dwell among us 2) God will move in our midst 3) God will be your God 4) You will be my people. 3 conditional promises when we obey these commands. 5) I will welcome you 6) I will be to you as a Father 7 We will be Sons and Daughters to God.

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