Sermons on 1 John

Be a Man Part 2 – George and the Dragon

Our young man, George went on his way, into North Africa until he came near to the city of Silene in the country of Libya. There he a cry, and rushing see what was the matter he met a fair young maiden, dressed beautifully, as for her wedding, but she was crying, George, wanted to help, dismounted and asked what was wrong, and the girl, Cleodolinda (Cloud O Linda), related to him the whole story.
I am from the fair city of Silene, we were a peaceful and prosperous city, with many sheep. And my Father the king ruled over all. Then one day our city came under attack from a terrible dragon. The dragon threatened to destroy the whole city, but my father the king was fearful of meeting the dragon head-on, so he levied a tax so that a sheep would be fed to the dragon every day, keeping it at bay. But day by day the drake’s appetite grew, and soon we needed to feed it 2 and 3 or more sheep per day, until one day the sheep ran out. With no more animal flesh to feed the dragon it ws decided that young maidens be given by lot. And so day by day the maidens were taken by lot until the day when the lot fell on me. Then Goerge replied, – how could this king, cowardly send his fair daughter to this serpentine beast?
Cleodolinda replied – “Do not look down on my father, I am ready to die for my people” – and so with tears and lamentations, I was led to the walls and outside, and so I have come to this place surrounded by the bones of my sister, awaiting my fate, But please Go, fair knight, why should both of us be destroyed by this dragon?